Saturday, June 15, 2013

Legendary chatting

Chat, Chat, Chat. The amount of time we spend on these chat apps is humongous. Whatsapp, Hike, WeChat. On one hand they are a boon to our social life. On the other it also bonds you to an addiction. The addiction of checking your chat application every other minute. The best response to such behavior in my opinion is to be aware that you are addicted and to bring some discipline in your virtual life. 

Anyways.. Having said that, I was just thinking, 'How awesome would it be to chat with someone who is beyond our reach? I mean fictional characters, stars, and legends who are no more. Well, I wish it was possible. Let's assume for a minute that it is possible. Who would they be and what would I chat about? Lets check out. 

Dexter (from Dexter’s Laboratory): A little kid, Dexter, sets up a secret laboratory for himself with a secret entrance to prevent his sister DeeDee from messing up with his experiments. A genius competitor, Mandark, who dislikes Dexter but has got a soft corner for Dexter's sister Deedee. A small family living in a small house (if looked from outside) that holds inside it a secret book which lets one nosedive into the abode of sheer ingenuity. Beyond any doubt, this was my favorite cartoon back those days. But one question always remain unanswered which I'd like to get it answered from the horse's mouth and the reason why I chose dexter to include in this list. “What is the ultimate purpose of keeping that Wrench in continuous motion?”

Munshi Premchand: There is hardly any Hindi Language speaker who has not read the stories of Premchand. Godaan, Kafan, Pus Ki Raat, etc were my personal favourites. He is one of the reason why I revere Hindi Language so much. There are very few story tellers who can match the quality of his work. In fact, there is none. Unfortunately today we look down upon our own language. And the result is most of us are good at neither of the languages. And probably this is the reason why public use of 'Shudh Hindi' attracts the attention of the otherwise indifferent public. I often chat with my friends in 'Shudh Hindi' and I think i am pretty okay at it. I just wish if I can get to chat with him someday in our unofficial national language.

Rabindra Nath Thakur: How can I miss an opportunity to chat with the greatest artist of all, with the master of all!. I’d just like to chat with him. I am not sure what would I ask or what would I chat about. But would just like to experience the moments.

Dhirubhai Ambani: We all have read about him, have seen movies made on him and wished atleast once in life to be that rich and successful. If I ever get an opportunity to chat with him, I’d like to know the secret behind his success and I hope his secret ingredient is not “Nothing” like in Kung-Fu-Panda.


  1. Hey You choose impressive characters and people :) All the best for the contest.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Ankita.. :)

  2. Premchand was my fav too. Great choice. With Tagore I too would have been speechless. :)
    All the best!